Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Need a Silent Night

If you have heard the song by Amy Grant then you know exactly what I am talking about.
Christmas is a season of giving and doing for others. We all look forward to this time of year all year long. Its a great place to be (in this time of year).

I was in Walmart last night and just as Paul and I were about to loose it (the hustle was beating out the bussel and we had had enough), we hear music. It was not the normal background music over the sound system. It was a live music group. There were about 4 or 5 women and two men. The women were singing Christmas music. I am not sure what to think about it at first. It is not something we see everyday. Walmart does not have music concerts too often that I am aware off. Anyway, we were there and waiting in line with no place to go. So we listened. It was VERY VERY loud. But, it was nice. The music was not preachy, it was different. The ladies were very talented and we enjoyed the couple of songs that we heard while we waited. To be honest, it kind of took the edge off.
So, then we have Amy Grants song.
Check it out on youtube.

It totally says what I am feeling in these last days before Santa arrives. I love looking forward to Christmas and I love what it is all about. I also love the time I will get in a day or two to relax and enjoy all that we are working to create.

I hope you all find your Silent Night and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Look for us at the STOMP!!

The first Saturday in December each year the town of Elgin (where I live) holds what is called "The Catfish Stomp". I guess Elgin must be known for CATFISH??? And, maybe some people are like me and when they see a fish outta water, they want to stomp on it. LOL not really sure what that is all about. OK whatever. It could be worse.....well maybe.

So anyway, this weekend is it. We will have a huge parade to kick it off and then there will be food and product vendors. A few small rides or fun things for kids, Santa is Always there and sometimes he is even there in more then one spot in the same parade. I think that is one of his magic tricks. Guess what, they will even have Catfish Stew......ewww. Im not big on fish anything so.....eww.
But this is our town and this is how we roll. lol

Anyway, it is usually a fun time for the family. When I first moved to this town 8 years ago, things were a lot different. It was more of a carnival that lasted for 3 days. There were all kinds of fair rides, games and things to do. Since that time, our town has grown in population as well as in merchants. We now have a big Food Lion grocery store where the empty lot usta be that held all of the rides and activities. So, now with no where to put the rides, we do not have them. So, anyway, it is still a fun time for the family for that one day. Saturday, there is a lot to see, buy, and eat. I hope everyone comes out for the parade and all that follows.

BTW, Keely (our family) will have a booth out there this year selling our bread items for Keely's fund raiser. WE have about $6000.00 more to raise so she can go on her trip. So, come out and buy something to help Keely. It will be fresh and yummy and for a good cause!!!


Sunday, November 30, 2008


its my birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although birthdays now are not what they use to be for me, for some reason I have still been looking forward to today. It is Monday and I am thinking positive thoughts. It will be a good day, a good week and GREAT BIRTHDAY.
WE have already started off with Paul taking me to see Twilight. Keely is mad that she did not get to go but it was a date night and Keely will be ok. That is what I wanted for my birthday. I am a very simple person.
So, I look forward to my children behaving for me today and getting chores done without me fussing about it.
(I know wishful thinking but it is my day, lol) ♥
I guess we will see what happens from here.
Hope everyone has a great "Alona's Birthday Monday" !!

Happy Birthday
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harper-Rollins Bunch

Happy Holidays
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Saturday, November 15, 2008


With Thanksgiving almost here, I have decided to fulfill the request of so many of you.
I will be baking for YOU this year!
I have several different types of bread items. We have: ROLLS(several types), BREAD LOAVES, STRAWBERRY or Raspberry DESSERT BRAIDS, CINNAMON TWIST, CINNAMON ROLLS, BREAD BOWLS, CINNAMON RAISIN LOAF and really anything else you may need for your holiday meal.
I will continue to take orders after Thanksgiving as well.
If any of you have tasted my bread items, or have attended one of my bread classes, you know what a treat these items are. I can make them ready to serve. I can also make them to be brown and serve, so you can heat them and serve them hot from your oven on to your table.
You can purchase as single items or larger orders as little as 6 in an order or as many as 200. In other words, I am able to fill any order and help you have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and holiday. Some of these items make wonderful gifts if you are attending someones home and do not want to go empty handed. Take them a dozen Rolls or a Dessert Braid, to show your appreciation. I can assure you, they will love it and thank you.
The proceeds of these bread sales will go to help my daughter Keely go on a trip of a life time. Keely has been selected to be an USA Student Ambassador. She has the opportunity to participate in the exchange student program. She will be traveling during the summer to Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, as well as a few other places. She will attend school there and learn other cultures.
In order to take this trip she has to raise a large amount of money.
Keely is a good student. She works hard to keep her grades up. Keely is a Junior at Lugoff- Elgin High School. This will be her last year that she can take part in this People to People Ambassador Program. She is really looking forward to this trip. She has worked very hard to maintain her grades as well as to raise the money to make this trip. She is doing other jobs such as babysitting and house cleaning to help out anyone who needs these services. (If you need weekend or evening child care just give her a call). I will be making and selling these bread items in order to help her raise money for this trip.
Email me for more information as well as for menus and price lists.
If you are interested, please email me at or call me 803-408-3520 soon so I can schedule your order. I can ship orders as well but you must get these orders into me as soon as you can so I can get them to you on time.
Thanks for your help and support!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cool pic from an investigation

If you like the pics and are interested. Ask about them and I can give more info.
We are so excited that we are going on an investigation on Sat night and will have new pics to come. Or so we hope.

See the you see it.....Now you don't

This pic was taken first. Notice all of the spots.

If this were dust, rain or anything else, they would have been in the next pic as well. Dust, rain, etc would not disappear in seconds or even minutes like these spots. This is why we think they were spirit orbs.
What do you think??
You can see a face in this orb.

There was a fog that we could not explain. Did not see it with our eyes. Then it disappeared.

Look beside my head. Also around the gate. So then I walked back where I had been, I was talking to....what ever would listen. We wanted to see if "it" would follow. ....Look by my leg....Look all around me and the gate. See I can make friends.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


For any of you who like the products from 'THIRTY-ONE GIFTS' the purse company that my sister does parties for....They are having an awesome deal that if you have a party between Nov 15-23 you can get the SKIRT PURSE for $10
Yes that is right. This is a $40 purse I think and you can get it for only $10!!!
Let me know if you need to set a date with my sister.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who would'a thunk it???

Ok, I did it and I am actually enjoying it! lol

When I was a teenager, my sister worked at Domino's pizza. She was a driver, she answered phones and took orders, she made the pizzas (taking pride in the way she could throw the dough to make the crust). She did it all there. She worked there forever. I remember going with her to work some because she worked on the USC campus and there were some really good looking guys working there as well. So, of course I did not mind hanging out. What was that tall dark haired guy's name anyway?? hum...don't remember, but he was a hottie.

So, that was her thing. She did it for ever like I said and she was really good at it.

So......I never imagined working at Domino's myself but guess what. At the end of September, I took a job there as a night time driver. I am "the Domino's guy oh I mean girl" That is usually what they say when I get to the door. lol

Well, I decided that I would work for a while to help with gas money and Christmas money. Not looking for hotties like I was back then. lol

While my daycare numbers went down for the summer, I never really filled the spots and now with the holidays coming I usually will not pick up in numbers until Jan. ish. So that's not a terrible thing. Its always nice to have a break here and there.

So I am learning the roads in Elgin and some of Lugoff. I am enjoying the hustle and the instant gratification of tips for my work. I am impressed with the earning potential. I never would have guessed this would be for me but I am having a great time. It works great with my daycare schedule. I play with kids in the mornings and hang out with adults (well older kids really) in the evenings. I still get to see Paul some and we have gas money when we need it.

I guess sometimes if you step out of your comfort zone it may surprise you of your potential.
This is also a great cure for boredom.

So there you go MK, bet you did not expect that!!!

GET THE DOOR, ITS DOMINO's and maybe even Alona!!

If anyone is looking for work, let me know. They still need drivers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I hope to see EVERYONE at my home on Saturday Oct 25th (that is this Sat)
7 pm until. We are having our Halloween party. EVERYONE is INVITED.
We will be wearing costumes.
If you have one, wear it. If you dont have one or are not into costumes, come anyway.
WE will be serving Chili and hot dogs.
Bring something to go along with that.
It should be a ton of fun. We have some people who are investigating the church who were invited. I hope everyone will come and help us welcome them.
please also rsvp

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

To the one person who is always there for me with a hug. The one who always listens and never judges me for anything I am or have been. For the one who shows me everyday that he is happy to be in my life. The one who would miss sleeping for 36 hrs because he would rather be with me while I have to testify in court. The one who brings me flowers when I feel sick. He comes in from working all night and puts a meal on for me and the kids in the crock pot so I do not have to cook dinner later. He helps me so much with my daycare. I think sometimes the kids love him more then they do me. I am sure it has something to do with him always having a treat for them.
Happy Anniversary Paul. I love you so much and am thankful for you and who you are for me.

I met this guy 3 years ago on the Internet of all places. We live in a different time now. I was single for a long time and had tried every avenue while seeking a compatible mate. Just when I was giving up again, I go into a "Mormon singles chat room" and the conversation when kinda like this...
HIM- what is your ASL?
ME- almost 35, female, SC ...what about you?
HIM-38 - m- Utah
ME- what are you looking for?
HIM- Just friends and someone to hang out with, chat with, etc
ME-Yeah me too
HIM- oh you are not looking for marriage like every other fem on here?
ME- maybe one day but not really for now....I'm tired of the games. burnt out on losers and guys are just dumb so....just taking it easy for now.
HIM- I agree with all of that except that there are some of us who are not losers. I do know what you mean though because I have met some crazy girls too.
ME- well good, so now that we are on the same page....I'm bored, you wanna get married??
HIM- Sure lets do it
ME- OK great! The only thing will have to move here. I don't do snow.
HIM- We will have to see about that. And the rest is history. We were just joking and having fun that night but look at us now. We dated via the phone, Internet and a few visits going both ways for a year and then he made the move. I am so glad that he did. I love him with all of my heart. I am thankful for all he does for me and who he is. He helps me so much and is the best friend that I have every had. I married into the best family as well. They all have taken me and my children in and have been awesome to us. Maybe if I keep trying I can get some of them to move out here as well so we can been closer. Until then, I like the occasional visits we get to take to Utah. I am hoping this makes since. It is really too early for me to be thinking.
So anyway..... I love you Paul. I hope we have at least another 100 good years.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Truth Shall Set You Free...

I wanted to share something that happened this week.It is not something new that I learned but this was brought to a new light for me.
I participated in a jury trial this week. I was put in a situation where I sat and watched as someone had to tell some very personal things that happened to them. Someone else had to share some more very personal things that happened to them as well as to another member of their family. It was hard to be in that room. It was very uncomfortable. You could watch those who were on the stand and could see how hard it was for them to be there. At the same time, it was very important for them to go through that. It was important for them to subject themselves to that embarrassment and hardship for the hope of justice being served. In the end weather their side won or lost, they new then had to do their part.

So, we sit and watch witness number one.
Witness number two takes the stand. This witness is also the victim. She is testifying of something that happened several years ago. She was at the time, a minor. The thing that stood out most for me is as she got up to take the stand, we seen her father whisper to her, "Just tell the truth, nothing else matters".

You could see how nervous she was. She seemed scared to look at anyone. All the same, she told what happened. She had a since of confidence in her words and she did well.

The defendant takes the stand. He was very defensive. Would not answer questions directly. For example, he was asked, did you visit the witness on one particular day? He said, I could have been at work that day. HUH??? That is not what he was asked. So, he proceeded to give several answers while being questioned that really had nothing to do with what he was being asked. He was asked once, (without giving out too much info) Did you use more then one of something? he said, many people could possibly use more then one of those. OK, no one asked you about what other or many people do. You were asked if YOU did this.

It was just really something to watch someone try to turn words around and manipulate words to create doubt in the minds of the jury. I guess that would be the idea of what he was doing. He at one point said, I have never been around this person and everything she said is a lie. He said everything she wrote on her statement years ago was also fabricated.

So.........who do you believe?

It is the job of a jury to take everything into consideration. Then, it is up to them to get 12 people to all come to the same conclusion. In a situation like this no one knows going in what the outcome will be. Some people are hoping for one result and others are praying for the opposite.

OK, what is my point? Some people lie because they are scare or nervous of what will happen if they tell the truth. Some people lie to protect the feelings of others. Some people are more compulsive with their lies and they do it because they can. What ever the reason for telling a lie, where does it get you? It might give you some time or you may feel as though you are getting by with something. Are you really winning? Are you really getting by? I have seen where telling lies has effected people in such a way that it is even life altering. I have had people tell lies about me and members of my family which caused a lot of hurt feelings and caused me to lose some dear friends. All because of lies. Not sure why those things happened. But I see it as a part of life that some people deal with everyday.

Paul and I teach our children that a lie is a terrible thing. You never truly win when you lie. Karma will get you and if you lie now, you will spend so much more time digging your way out of that lie then you ever would have if you had told the truth to begin with.
It is a fact that when one tells a lie, it weighs on the person in so many ways. I have had secrets before that I was not totally honest about when I should have been. Those things were like steel weights that I wore on my shoulders. Some of those secrets were things that maybe happened to me when I was younger. Some of those things were things that I did that I should not have done in my life. I think at some point everyone has a secret or more then one that they wear on their shoulders and or heart. For some it is no big deal and for others it is something that they struggle with everyday. It has taken long strides for me but I have found a way finally to share some of my past secrets and get those weights off of my shoulders. The relief I have felt is indescribable.

In the court story, after a deliberation of less then an hour there was a verdict GUILTY!

This was such a case that when given the choice, 90% of the jurors choose to come out and watch the sentencing process. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen to this guy.

Well, what could not come out during that trial but what had to come out during the sentencing was that this guy had a prior record of a similar assault. Needless to say, the jurors were more then satisfied to hear that, knowing that they made the right choice to give a guilty verdict. To watch this unfold and just to watch this victim. Her family made a statement during sentencing that their wish was to make sure he was put somewhere that he can receive the kind of help that he needs so that there is never another victim. He got 8 years. Then she did not want to leave the court room until she watched them place the handcuffs on this man and take him away. You could see the gratification in her eyes.

A terrible chapter in her life finally has closer. She can put that book of this part of her life on a high shelf and hope to never come across it again. It will still be there always but she can now move away from it.

Then you see her walk out embracing her mother and father and tears of joy go down their faces. With the last comment, see,when you just tell the truth, ever thing will work out eventually. It is a lesson we should all remember.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Raffle for Christmas Gifts!!

I have a huge basket loaded with Mary-Kay cosmetics as well as some bags from Thirty-one Gifts. The value of this prize is well over $100 in products. There is a chance that there will be other products added to this basket and that is why I have not added the picture yet. You can purchase or earn a raffle ticket and a chance to win this basket. This will make a great Christmas gift for any of the ladies out there. You can even tell your husbands to buy the tickets and possible take care of more then one gift off of their list. You can win this prize and split up the products to take care of several people on your Christmas list as well.
PURCHASE****Anyone who would like to purchase a raffle ticket for just $5.00, let me know.
EARN***You can also earn a raffle ticket by hosting a party for Mary Kay or for Thirty-one gifts (purses and bags, etc). For each person who hosts a party, you will earn a free raffle ticket. Those who have parties with sales over $200 earn a second ticket.
Some of the items in the baskets are gift certificates so you can have personalized items. There are also cosmetics, such as lipsticks, which you will have the opportunity to choose colors that suit you best. Watch for an upcoming post with more details. I will show the basket and list all of the items that are available in this awesome prize.
Drawing for this prize will be the first week in December.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Baby reaches double digits

October 9th, 1998. I go in for a scheduled c-section. Only to find that she was already on her way. I was suppose to deliver before going into labor. I must have just missed the labor pains because when I went in, my water had broke that morning in the shower. I did not know it because of the shower. Kinda one of those things that made since later.

So, with my 1st c-section, the Dr's had to push and pull and make Keely come out. Resulting in me feeling like I had broken ribs and other bruises that may come from getting hit by a truck.
This time, they opened me up and she rolled to the top. Just to say, here I am, I am ready to go.

She had a hard road getting here as my body wanted to be difficult so I am sure she had been looking for the door to get out and get moving in life. I think she is still that way. Always looking for somewhere to go and an opportunity to do something.

Well she is having a birthday. She reaches double digits today. I have mixed emotions as she is my final creation and I want to keep her to myself. On the other hand, she is very independent. She always has been. I remember having problems reading to her as a toddler. She wanted to do it herself. She did not want help. Then knowing that DJ and Keely are so much older, she is always trying to catch up and be like the big kids.

So, my little girl is growing up. She went on the 4th grade Seagul field trip which is an overnighter. That was hard for me but I guess I need to let her grow. She is so smart and so strong willed, I don't think I have a choice. She is not one of those who will let me baby her until she is 20. I think she is 10 going on 20 already.

Slow down Alyssa, you need time to grow and so do I. I will do my best to keep up with you.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

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Monday, September 29, 2008


What are you going to be for Halloween?
While talking with people about my upcoming Halloween Costume party, we have had a fun time talking about different costumes. Paul, the kids and I went to one of the Halloween stores in the area. We had a good time looking at all of the scary props and fun costumes. Just as a side note, be careful while shopping with children. Most of the adult costumes and not appropriate for children to even see the packaging. Some where just aweful. I really could not believe some of the things there. Some very cute and some very funny. Many very scary ones too.
We had a good time.
I am thinking of going with the twilight theme. I am sure it will be a popular one but it is a fun one.
So.....what is your costume going to be?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OK with Halloween coming up, this is our first note to let everyone know that we are having a Halloween Party on Oct 25th. This will be for the adults to come in costume and just have some fun. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to start looking for that costume. More details to come later.

So, I wanted to enter this fund raiser thing and help break a Guinness book record for most people doing same dance at one time. The funds were for my daycare. The dance is the Thriller Dance. Created by Micheal Jackson. Remember the Micheal Jackson that we all actually liked and was entertained by.

In doing this, you have to do exactly the same steps and such so everyone has to learn the same form of this dance. It is pretty easy but there are a lot of steps to it. I purchased a dvd which teaches the steps very slowly and precisely.
I have found that it is very difficult to pull such an event together. It is very time consuming and challenging. I just think I do not have it in me at this time. I have too many things on my plate besides this. So.....this plan has been changed. I now have to raise fund for Keely to go on a trip to England and some other places so I need to focus on this instead.

Since this is the 25th anniversary of the Thriller Dance, and I have always wanted to learn it, I am still learning the dance.
I am going to try to get anyone interested to join me and if i get 25 people who want to take part, we can still be part of the record breaking event. It will just be for fun. No money involved.
It should be a blast! Oh and the dance is an AWESOME WORKOUT!! You do not have to buy it like I did. You can get the instructions for free on the website.

Keely and I have been learning it together. Besides having a ton of fun, and laughing a lot, we are feeling the workout. So, come dance with me and we can "THRILL THE WORLD" together!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I must be living right or something....

I have always believed that when you are living right, good things will come your way. Well the Lord works in mysterious ways. I know you have all heard that before.
I just wanted to share my little good news moment. Paul and I make out all of the time so....that is not it. (LOL just had to say that)
I guess we get the good with the bad. Some of my very dear friends moved to Maryland this week. I am totally upset by this. I have watched these children for like 3 years or so. They are very well behaved children. No offense to anyone else of course. This is also a little girl who has been Alyssa's very good friend since 4k. Our families came together through these two girls. They have since been in the same class several times and Alyssa is really having a hard time with this move.
Anyway, so as they were cleaning out the house and packing up everything Latisha called to ask if I would please take the few items from their refrigerator so she did not have to trash them. There were a couple pantry items as well. Food, yes....we will be happy to. No problem. She came over on Fri to deliver the items. We chatted for a moment as she was telling me how much they had left to clean, paint and do before leaving in a few hours. She explained to me that they were able to sell most everything at the yard sale so that helped a lot. Then she said they are just going to leave the refrigerator that they had just bought because it was hard getting it in the house and they did not need to take it with them.
I said wow, I wish you had told me that over the weekend. I would have bought it from you. I have one but it is old and Paul and I were just talking about trying to get a new one in January. Then I said but that is good that you can leave it and get credit from your landlord for it for the next people to move in.
So, she goes home and in a few minutes I get a call. She says, can you come get this fridge. We are just giving it away and not getting credit for it anyway. We would much rather you have it instead of who ever will move in here. Can you get it. Of course I asked if she was sure. I did not want to mess with her plans or whatever. She said "please take it. We had not even thought to ask anyone if they needed it. If you can get it you can have it. We are moving it out to the porch now."
So, it was at the time of day that Paul had to shower and leave for work. No extra moving time. Nap time for daycare and I did not have a truck to pull my trailer to go get it. It was not looking too good.
At that very moment, I felt impressed to call Mike Chesley. I knew he had a truck. I figured maybe I could get him to bring the truck when he picked up Jared so he and DJ could go get it after work. I called, he said he would do it no problem. WOOOWHOOO I am getting excited. THEN.....Mike calls me right back. Said he is just in Elgin about a mile away. He said if the tailor could fit the hitch on the work truck that he and Derick could come now to move it!!! Even better. They came over. I got the baby to bed. Paul was getting dressed and I left him to listen out for the kids. I led the way (about a mile and a half) to get the fridge!!!
To make it even better, there were 3 men to handle the lifting and one man at the other house to help get it loaded. It was done in no time and then they were off and back to work. I felt like I was prompted to call Mike. I think that if we would have waited someone else may have got the fridge because they were going to have to leave. With everyone knowing they were moving out, and then there is a fridge left on the front porch..., I'm just saying, it could have been a free gift to a stranger passing by instead of me.
I am sooooo thankful to Mike, Derick and Tim for taking time out of their day to help me.
This fridge is awesome. Its only like two years old. It is so much bigger and nicer then mine. Best if all it is from a dear friend and it will be a constant reminder of the friends who were here. I hope that we will be able to keep in touch with them. I miss them already.
Oh and too make it better, DJ and I set the old one out front and Saturday morning a guy stopped by to ask if they could have it for their church. Done. It was out of my yard and helping someone at the same time. This was a good weekend.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Eagle Court of Honor
For DJ
Thursday, Sept 11th 2008
Camden ward building
Y'all Come!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wow wha'da trip!

So I'm back from Utah. The kids are off and running in school. I got back and my family and my home were still intact. All is well.
Paul got to reunite with his friend Trouble. He is the cat that when Paul calls and leaves a mess. for his parents, Trouble runs to the phone in hopes to find Paul there. So sweet. This cat LOVES Paul.

We got Paul's boat and went fishing at Strawberry Resv. It was so beautiful there. It was cool out as we started very early that morning. Paul was determined to help me have fun and not be grossed out by the whole fishing thing. I have never really been fishing. So, Paul was wonderful. He would bait my hook (no worries we did not use worms anyway) and then he would cast it out for me. What a life. Just sit back, relax and wait. So I did. Then I got a tug here and there. Maybe I scared them when they tugged and I screamed. lol what can I say. Mostly they ate a lot of my bait. Until......I got the bite that would be his last bite. I hooked the hook and pulled him in. Out of the three we caught, this guy was the middle sized one at almost 4 lbs and the other two were 3 and 4 lbs as well so I did just as good as Paul.

This was a time really that we got to spend some great time with Paul's dad. After surviving a very FAST ride through the mountains to get there with white knuckles the whole way, the time on the lake was so nice. We chatted and we relaxed. Its too bad the men forgot their hats as they were both very sun burnt. Then, as for me, I got a little sun on one side of one leg. Just my luck. lol

See the sweet family of duckies. Awwwww.....

Here is the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple Main that is just up the hill from Paul's parents home. You can see Moroni from their yard. What that must be like to be reminded each time you leave your home. I just think it is awesome.

We were able to see Paul's kids which is a huge deal. They have grown so much since we seen them last. It was such a good visit and we are already looking forward to next time. It was Dakota's birthday so we were lucky that we could give him his gifts in person and did not have to mail them. It seems so impersonal when we mail everything and are not able to see them for special days. So, we chatted, I took a ton of pictures and we even played some Foosball. It was really a fun day. The hard part of course was leaving them there.

Another fun trip was to Temple Square. This place is simply amazing. If you are ever faltering and have an opportunity to go to Utah, this is the place to be. Just the reverence as you walk the grounds is hard to describe. I walked surrounded by people I have never met in my life but I felt so much peace and so much love, just in the surroundings. The next time I go, Paul and I decided we are going to make sure to schedule time to do a session in the SLC Temple. They do the sessions live there and that is something I really want to see. I always get that song in my head every time I visit SLC and is, "I Love to See the Temple".

To see him as the center of the Universe really says more then words can say. To say it is beautiful is just not enough.

My new favorite quote. I just LOVE Spencer W. Kimbell.

Then back to the lake. Paul's brother Scott stays in this really nice complex where we had access to Utah lake. The weather for the entire week was perfect. In the low 90's and upper 80's and like 10-20% humidity. Yes, it was heavenly. I had great hair all week. I only had to use the straightener once for the entire stay!! We boated. Our nieces Hannah and Megan had been waiting all week to finally get to drive Uncle Paul's boat. They were so excited. I was surely more nervous then they were. They just giggled with excitement! What fun we had. Once it was just Paul and I on the boat, I relaxed and let me hair go. I am not sure why I worry so much. I am working on the whole relaxing thing. This helped a lot! Then to help with the relaxing, we went to the natural spring heated pool and hot tub. The waterfall coming down into the water with relaxing hot water. Check out the sign. The steam and water comes out so hot that they have to warn people not to get into it. It will burn you.

I just found this so fascinating. Letting nature work for us.
So again, thanks to Mom and Dad Harper. You took great care of us as you always do. We had such a great visit and a fun time. I love going out to visit all of you and we miss you greatly when we are not with you. Thanks to Cheri and Scott for also entertaining us. We enjoyed playing with the girls and hanging out with you guys. We need to get you guys out this way now. We totally need to work on getting that beach house to give you another excuse to visit all year round. IT was a blast but there is no place like home. AS messing and crazy as my house can be, it was great getting back. I walked in the door....Keely and Alyssa hugged me up top and Hunter and Anna got me below. Its a good thing I was still holding onto the door. Thanks to everyone for helping out and keeping watch for my kids.