Monday, March 31, 2008

Beenie Is A DADDY!!!

Congrates Beenie Boy! Momma is pround of you for making 4 beautiful puppies. Looks like one boy and three little girls. They were born during nap time today. They are so sweet and Sassy is being such a good first time momma.

They are just as sweet as they can possibly be. A few weeks ago, my dogs helped me teach a class on reproduction to my daycare children. (yeah, it was great. Not exactly what was on my lesson plans for that week. lol)
Then we watched, and for the longest time, was just not sure if their activites were productive (if you know what I mean ;-) ) So, in the last three weeks, Sassy really started growing. Well, we were nervous that she would have them while we were out of town and my sister would have to handle it. We are very thankful though that Sassy helped me out by having them today and not waiting. I am so glad I was there. It is messy but such a cool experiance for my Sassy girl.
Anyway, we are excited. They are just sweet. In about 8 weeks we will have puppies for sale. btw. lol

Daycare parents...

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a quiet, crazy weekend

Dont be confused by my title. That is really the best way to discribe it.
First, we pulled off getting Keely out of the house on Friday night so we could decorate and prepare for her surprise party. I did what I could to prepare but was very sick and just wanted to lay down. So, I took care of my daycare babies. They are such good kids. I think they know when I do not feel great. I did not lay down but I just kinda chilled out and they played good and watched cartoons.

The kids helped Paul go clean the church to help out another family that could not do it. They are so good about helping out with that calling. It is truly a family calling to be incharge of making sure the church gets cleaned every week. I am making some changes with the cleaning schedule and trying to make sure that the ward memebers know that it is up to the ward members to keep it clean. It is nice to have a nice, clean building to attend. We should all take pride in that nice building and do our part to keep it that way. I am so thankful for my family for helping me with this and for not complaining about it. I have a great family!!

Ok, so Saturday.... Got up early. Got the house together. Brantley came over to play. Then the party was on. Michelle and Anna came over to party with us. Anna and Brantley had a great time playing with balloons and candy. IT was fun.

Keely's friends came and then we went to get Keely. Brought her in and SURPRIZE!!!!!!!

It was a good time. We decorated flip flops, sang, danced and had yummy fancy dessert.
Later it started raining and got cold out so things settled down and it was finally laydown time for mommy. My house was so loud and crazy but I was totally quiet. I had totally lost my voice. If I tried a couple of times I could get afew words out. It was mostly people reading my lips and Keely translating for me. She always knows what I am thinking anyway. We are of the same mind. (scarey huh)
So night came, the weather has gotten everyone a little down, feeling yucky and so Paul made some feel better potato soup. It was yummy as always.
Sunday Morning came. It was raining and very cold out. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Then Keely came in and so we all got up. Almost all. Paul and Alyssa were sick. They staied home. I was still feeling bad but wanted to go anyway so, I took my squeeky-man voice and went to church. The numbers are church were low. With the temp at 41 and raining outside I am sure many rolled over and did not have a Keely to get them moving.
I am glad I went. I learned more about being prepared for an emergancy, I visited with friends and I heard some really good testimonies. Everyone was froze by the end of sacrament meeting because I think the a/c was on or something but it was still good to be there.
I got home. This time I made some feel good beef veggie soup. Dang it was yummy if I do have to say so myself. lol

Anyway, tomorrow I think it is time for my family to work on being prepared for emergancies and we will be working hard to get things ready for family come on Wed and for our weekend trip. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! I am going to bed. Hoping to get my voice back tonight. Wish me luck.

Friday, March 28, 2008

IT's FRIDAY!!!!....Can You Keep A Secret???

ITs been one of those weeks for me. I have been counting down the days til Friday. Not because I dont like my job or anything like that. It is more because I have not been feeling well with allergy issues, today I pretty much have no voice left at all. My kids like that part. (They pick on me:-( ) Well I just need a day off. Last weekend I did not get a day off because with Easter I just had too much to do. This weekend will be busy but I WILL have my day off. lol

Anyway, then not to mention I have 5 days until my in-laws come to visit my home and South Carolina for the very first time. I have to say I am very excited but it is in my nature to be in panic mode. That is where I work best. I still have sooo much todo to get ready for them. I really have awesome in-laws. From the first time we met, they have always been sooooo nice to me and just so loving. They are truly a fun family to be around and I am delighted that we can finally show them our lives and our side of the world. This will be the first time also that they meet my kids. My children are excited to finally meet them as well.
So everyone help me pray for good warm weather for next weekend so they will have a great visit. Or atleast great weather during their visit. lol Since they got snow yesterday, I am thinking as long as we do not get rain, it should be good for them.
It will be Paul's Mom, Dad and sister Cheri. Cheri is getting a mom vacation for a few days so that will be fun for her. Of course since I am surrounded by kids 24/7 it will not be a total break but I hope she will be able to relax some. We are heading to Savannah and Charleston to take them to the beach so that should be great. Good weather would sure make it better.
We have a big full weekend planned next week and we are all excited about them being here.

Now, if I can just get my house cleaned and my voice back before then, all will be good. Before that can happen though, I have a party to put on tomorrow morning. About that secret.

My Keely Beely will be
SWEET 16 on April 3rd.
Since Paul's family will be in town that day and weekend, we told Keely she will have to wait until the next weekend to have her party. I let her plan it. She invited the people, we together planned the activites, (except for a couple surprises I am throwing in) and she planned the food. What she does not know is that, I changed the date of the party. Instead of being the 12th. It will be TOMORROW....March 29th!!! So, she is going off to spend the night with her friend tonight. Her friend has strict instructions to get her here at a certian time and to keep the secret. IT will be a
sweet sixteen / pretty in pink party.
It should be a ton-o-fun!!!

I cant believe my kids are getting so old. One day they are going to pass my age. lol

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Dinner Help

Just a note. If any of you would like help with making fancy rolls for Easter, please let me know. I will be more then happy to help with them.

I hope everyone has a fun and happy Easter weekend. Just remember the reason for the season. This we have to be reminded of for Easter and Christmas. Each just as important as the other. Sometimes we get so caught up in the eggs and chocolate bunnies that we forget about Jesus Christ and the sacrifices that he made for us. Where do the eggs come into this anyway??
Well....I looked into it. Here are some Easter Symbols and what they mean. Some of these we do not normally see in our religion but will explain why others use them.

Easter Bells:- Are rung in France and Italy throughout the year but they are not rung on the Thursday before good Friday. They are silent as way to remember the death of Jesus. They are then rung on Easter Sunday as way of telling people Jesus is alive again.
The Cross:- This is the symbol for the Christian religion as Jesus was nailed to a cross but then came back to life.
The Easter Lily:- The lily was a reminder to the Christians of how Jesus came back to life. The white Easter Lily is used in many Easter services. It is supposed to be a symbol of the purity of the Virgin Mary.
Easter Flowers:- Such as daffodil, narcissus and the tulip. Area symbol as they bloom in the spring.
Pussy Willows:- These are especially picked at Easter in England and Russia. People would tap each other on the shoulders with a branch of the pussy willow for good luck.
Lambs:- The lamb is a symbol as people thought of Jesus as the Good Shepherd who would watch over them as they were lambs. Lambs are born in spring. The Israelites also used lamb's blood to save their firstborn in ancient Egypt.
Rabbits:- Rabbits are reminder of spring and new life. They were the favorite animal of the spring goddess Eastre.
The Egg:- These are a symbol of spring as well as Easter. They are a sign of new life.
Chicks:- The chicks are born from eggs and are a reminder of spring and Easter.
Candles:- Candles give light in darkness. Jesus is seen as "the eternal light" showing Christians the way from death to life.
Palm Branches:- These are used as a symbol of peace.
Bread:- Unleavened flat bread is eaten to remember Jesus's sacrifice.
Wine:- Red wine is drunk to remember Jesus shedding His blood for humans.
Fireworks:- These are believed to frighten away evil spirits. They also show that out of darkness comes light. .
Easter Eggs
Of all the symbols associated with Easter the egg, the symbol of fertility and new life, is the most identifiable. The customs and traditions of using eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries.
for more information and History on Easter Eggs you can find it at:

What ever you believe, what ever symbols you use, be thankful this season and have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

whadda weekend!!

We started with a fun Girls Night. Thanks to all who came and to those who tried but did not.....see you next time. We missed you!

We played a game that was much more fun in my head then it was on a Friday night when everyone was too tired to think. Note to self.....No thinking games after 5pm on Fridays. Ok got it.
Now, look at Michelle trying to look all grown up with the adults.
HA! it's ok Michelle, we know better. Now check out the pic of Michelle in her normal form with someone closer to her age. LOL we love you!
Well it was a good time.
The food was yummy. Thanks Paul.
Dont we all love Paul.
I know all of my friends love him. I also know he will be well taken care of if something were to ever happen to me. lol Its all good. I have him now. I will not need him if I am not here. ;-)
We went out this morning to go clean the church. We get back just as the rain began. Now, for our Elgin weather. What in the world is going on. It is Elgin for goodness sakes. We do not have tornados in Elgin!!! Or we didnt....I guess now we do. Check out our little neighborhood.

Oh Hail!!
Railroad crossing arm broken.
I Hope everyone is safe. We lost lights for a while but it appears we were very lucky. The storm came within a half a mile from my house and all trees, etc in my yard are intact. We are very thankful for this as we see that many of our town neighbors were not so lucky. Trees were on cars, homes and electric lines. Mobile Homes were flipped over. Someone's boat was in their tree. Someone elses shed was gone, with stuff scattered in the yard and trampoline was in pieces in trees which were split apart. The dog was so confussed as he found that the fence was gone and he was free. Things were really bad for many. Be very thankful if you are safe tonight in your warm homes. God Bless those who are not.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Weekend

Hope all of you had a great weekend. Thought I would share mine with you.

Started Friday with going out to help my mom with somethings and ended up standing in the pouring cold rain for HOURS....literely. That was not the most fun I have had in a while but I will say that I am so lucky to have the husband who I have. It just seems that we are such a good team. Whatever project we need to do, we work well together and always seem to have a good laugh in the process. Even when the circumstances are not the best. We were cold and wet and aggravated and we still had fun and laughed and made the best of the situation.

Having been in a totally different type of marriage before, I am so totally grateful for the one I have now.

Then On Saturday, we got going late because we were not feeling that great. I had a ton of errands to run. The wind was so bad that I was totally not wanting to drive. With wind gust of upto 45 mph, that was not something I wanted to deal with. So Paul went with me shopping and handing business. He is great about doing the driving in bad weather. Him being from Utah where the weather is bad most of the year, he can handle it much better then most of us who are from SC. Note, just watch the news about how many accidents occur in the rain here and you will get what I mean. Later Saturday evening, I have to be honest to say I was not looking forward to going anywhere. I was just not feeling great, I was tired and had just needed to relax. But, I knew of Valencia's Girls Night and felt like I should really try to go anyway. Michelle and I decided to meet there and go hang out.

I am so glad that I did. It was a blast. Valencia is such a great host. The yummies were just yummy. The movie was so much better then I expected. Then we had Darla who was the most entertaining part of the evening. Little Anna hung out with me and even Cloe ended up in my lap. I felt right at home. It was such a good time. Thanks again Valencia, Hope you can make it over here on Friday night. It should be fun.

So, that brings me to Sunday. My sweet Keely spoke in Sacrament meeting. Most people do not know this but she actually volunteered. Brother Osteen is always asking the youth, who is going to speak next. No one ever wants to do it. Keely told him she would. I think he thought she was kidding. SO, he did not assign her for a while. She continued to let him know she would do it. He finally asked her this past week to speak. She prepared her talk. I only helped her a little with finding some stuff on the net from some past prophets. It was hard to locate info on the topic she picked. I gave her the info, she put it together. She practiced. She worked on the speed of talk. If you know her at all, she talks very fast. I was so proud of her when it came to it. She spoke clear and confident. She did not look up because she did not want to loose her spot but you could totally understand everything she said. She was quite beautiful standing up there yesterday and I am certainly a proud momma.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Girls Night At Alona's House

Ok Ladies(everyone is invited), I am changing the date by one day. I think we will do the girls night thing on Friday night instead of Saturday. I always seem to have so much going on Saturday. SO.....Put it on your calendars.....
Friday night March 14th 7pm @ Alona's house for Girls night.
Should be a good time. Bring something chocolate and come join the fun!!
Please RSVP so I know how many to plan for( Paul needs to know how much soup to make ;-) ). Thanks and I'll see you there.