Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Need a Silent Night

If you have heard the song by Amy Grant then you know exactly what I am talking about.
Christmas is a season of giving and doing for others. We all look forward to this time of year all year long. Its a great place to be (in this time of year).

I was in Walmart last night and just as Paul and I were about to loose it (the hustle was beating out the bussel and we had had enough), we hear music. It was not the normal background music over the sound system. It was a live music group. There were about 4 or 5 women and two men. The women were singing Christmas music. I am not sure what to think about it at first. It is not something we see everyday. Walmart does not have music concerts too often that I am aware off. Anyway, we were there and waiting in line with no place to go. So we listened. It was VERY VERY loud. But, it was nice. The music was not preachy, it was different. The ladies were very talented and we enjoyed the couple of songs that we heard while we waited. To be honest, it kind of took the edge off.
So, then we have Amy Grants song.
Check it out on youtube.

It totally says what I am feeling in these last days before Santa arrives. I love looking forward to Christmas and I love what it is all about. I also love the time I will get in a day or two to relax and enjoy all that we are working to create.

I hope you all find your Silent Night and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Look for us at the STOMP!!

The first Saturday in December each year the town of Elgin (where I live) holds what is called "The Catfish Stomp". I guess Elgin must be known for CATFISH??? And, maybe some people are like me and when they see a fish outta water, they want to stomp on it. LOL not really sure what that is all about. OK whatever. It could be worse.....well maybe.

So anyway, this weekend is it. We will have a huge parade to kick it off and then there will be food and product vendors. A few small rides or fun things for kids, Santa is Always there and sometimes he is even there in more then one spot in the same parade. I think that is one of his magic tricks. Guess what, they will even have Catfish Stew......ewww. Im not big on fish anything so.....eww.
But this is our town and this is how we roll. lol

Anyway, it is usually a fun time for the family. When I first moved to this town 8 years ago, things were a lot different. It was more of a carnival that lasted for 3 days. There were all kinds of fair rides, games and things to do. Since that time, our town has grown in population as well as in merchants. We now have a big Food Lion grocery store where the empty lot usta be that held all of the rides and activities. So, now with no where to put the rides, we do not have them. So, anyway, it is still a fun time for the family for that one day. Saturday, there is a lot to see, buy, and eat. I hope everyone comes out for the parade and all that follows.

BTW, Keely (our family) will have a booth out there this year selling our bread items for Keely's fund raiser. WE have about $6000.00 more to raise so she can go on her trip. So, come out and buy something to help Keely. It will be fresh and yummy and for a good cause!!!