Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's cuddle in the bed with a good movie and some really good chocolate.

Well I am just having a good time changing my blog a bit. Thanks to Darla for telling me about these cool templates. LOVE yours btw.
I love lightning storms. I love to watch storms (from the safety of my home). Not a big fan of driving in them but as long and I am with my family and we are somewhere safe, I am content to just turn off the TV and listen to nature as it throws it's temper-tantrum. lol
This template also fits how I have been feeling lately. I am learning to deal better with my new issue with panic attacks that seems to becoming more and more of an issue. I have had them before but seems I am getting them more often. I am also learning how to deal with them and keep them in check. Its all good.
This background also fits the kind of day I had yesterday. You know sometimes you wake up and just know, you should not even get out of bed. It was a doomed to fail kinda day. I almost rain out of gas as I ran out of my morning errands. I just barley made in the gas station parking lot when I checked and realized I had left my wallet with all of my financial resources at home on the counter. I did have my license by change but nothing else. Good going Alona. I only have one car right now so I could not even call Paul to help me out. I am lucky that I have a sister and mom who are so good at being there for me when I need them.
Next I received some dreaded news about some girls I know. News that I can not share but it was something I was not totally surprised about, it reconfirmed things that I thought but was not sure about and even though I somewhat expected cut like a knife to hear it. Now things are going to get messy and the law will have to be involved and it kills me that these girls who once were my friends could be so wrong to betray any other human in this way. It's just wrong on so many levels.
Then I found a really cool widget of a stick figure family. Its like the stickers that some of you may have seen on car windows that you customize to fit your family. I added it and it would not shrink to fit so it cut off Alyssa. I cant have a family doodle where Alyssa is not included...I mean HELLOOOO.
Please understand that I am not looking for pity, I am just blogging and expressing. I am doing my best to keep this light and positive. I have a great life, great family and great friends. Even for the most happy people we all have poopy days that would be better spent under the covers watching movies and catching up on much needed rest while indulging in really good chocolate.
So lets talk chocolate. What is your best cuddle up with good chocolate type of chocolate???

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Monday

I hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Congratulations Paul

We can now call him Officer Harper.
Yesterday June 16th Paul graduated at the top of his class and was voted class representative for his Department of Juvenile Justice Training class. Paul was asked to speak at his graduation. He did a great job. He even got a lot of laughs.I told him, it was NOT suppose to be his comedy debut. When I met his instructor and the others in his class, they all seemed to have a great respect for Paul. They all liked him and they all seemed to have fun while in the class. I guess that always helps.
He committed to being certified and prepared to take on the Juvenile Justice department. He was sworn in as Officer Harper and will now work directly with children who are "in the system". Some of these kids were at the wrong place at the wrong time but others have made direct choices to put them where they are. Some of these kids have done things that you would have only see on movies. Many many of them are there because they are in gangs and have done things in the gangs to put them there. There are even kids there who simply would not go to school. Yes that is right, if you skip too much, you will skip your way to DJJ. Not cool.
Paul is very excited about this new career and opportunity. He loves working with the youth and he hopes to make an impact on some of them there. We are all excited for him and it is great to see him in his element.
I know that I will be doing a little more praying for his safety. This is not the safest job in the world. It is what makes him happy so we will go with it but yes I will worry. No, I'm excited. worried but excited. Yeah, that's it.
Thanks for listening while I vent. lol I am sure he will be fine and yes this is how I am convincing myself of that.

Monday, June 16, 2008

You Rock Daddy'o

Being that I was so young when my father passed away, I do not have as many memories as the others. I do remember my dad as being a great man. Even from the stories that my brothers and my mom tell me, I know that there is no one else like my dad. Even so many years later, I still miss and love him so much. I know my life would have been so different in so many ways had he not left us. I think of him each Father's day and just think of how lucky everyone else is to have been able to grow up with a father in their lives. Most importantly how lucky we were to have him in the time that we did. I believe that he helped mold my brothers in to great men. I have 7 brothers who all are wonderful brothers, husbands and fathers. Some of them played a huge part in my life. Some of them took on the roles of a father to me in different times of my life when I needed them. My brother Bronson who was the oldest at home while growing up, still today plays a big role in my life and I am so thankful for him and all of my brothers and what they do for me.
I will say that without my dad here, I was so lucky to have a mom who did a great job keeping things and our family together. She is my inspiration. We also had awesome neighbors who were father figures to us. I had great male leaders, teachers, Bishops and coaches who helped create the woman I am today. I am thankful for each of them.

Then, I am so lucky to have a wonderful Father in Utah. Paul's dad. He is such a great man. I have so enjoyed getting to know him in these past few years. I hope that we have many many more years together. I know Paul looks up to his dad so much. He loves his dad with his whole heart and misses him greatly. That is the hardest part for Paul to live so far away from his parents and not be there to help them when they need their grass cut or rooms painted or even just to take them somewhere and to be with them. They have such a close relationship. I know that Paul's sister and brother are there to help and take care of him but Paul and I both wish we were closer so we could be there for him as well. We love him so much. I am so thankful for him and for the man that he created in his son. I know I will benefit for that effort for the rest of my life.

Then there is my Paul. I love this man so much. We have only been together almost 3 years but it seems like I have known him my whole life. I totally understand for the first time what it is to be totally in love and to receive the same kinda love that I give. I was never sure how the whole "step- dad" thing would work. I think I always figured that I would get married and I would just continue to handle my kids and he could deal with his. I know that is not realistic when you are married and living together but I have always been one to just handle whatever and move on not to worry about bothering others with our needs. Well, I am so pleased to see that I have a man in my life who wants to love my children. He wants to be part of their lives as well as mine. He wants to be totally part of everything that we do in the family. He is just what I need in my life and he really is more then I ever expected. I truly love this man. He told me yesterday that this was the best fathers day he has had in years.
He was able to talk with his two boys who live in Utah. (the girls were not home) That is awesome for him because they are not allowed to call him (the ex-wife rules).
Then we went to church and on the way home, I said ..."dangit Paul, I totally forgot to get you a card for fathers day" He said, oh its OK. Don't worry about it. I said, no no....I have some paper and stuff, I will have the kids make you one when we get home. It will be great. Paul said no, they don't need to do that. It is fine really. Please don't worry about it.

I got the kids to play along and told them in the car that when we get home, go make Paul a card and we will bake a cake or something. (hee Hee Hee) So....we got home, changed clothes. Then I said come on Paul, we have to go in the front room and the kids will sing for you. (Cant you see DJ and Keely singing "I'm so glad when daddy gets home????) LOL So he said oh dear, really don't make them sing. So I pulled him into the room and pretended like I was starting off the song for him. When he came out, we had cards and gifts for him. Some purchased and some homemade. He was totally overwhelmed. Even the note from Keely on the card envelope was great. lol I have to share Alyssa's gift with you.
She made it several weeks ago and it has taken all she could do to wait until now to give it to him. When he read it, he broke down. It totally overwhelmed him and me too btw. It was a really great day for him. Im glad my kids love him too....or they are coming around to the idea anyway.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun down FUN to go!

So thanks to everyone who fought the storm to come over last night for my "Thirty-one" purse party. If any of you have not been to one of these parties you should really check them out. They have great bags of all types. They are monogramed for free. They have great materials and patterns that you get to choose from. Best of all is that the prices are AWESOME.
If any of you wanted to come but the weather kept you home, I totally understand. Check out the website and let me know what you want to order. The order will go in on Friday. If you order $35 or more you get a tote at half price. I can show you which totes you can choose from if interested.
They really have nice stuff and great prices.
So, we have a lot of fun and it was great having my friends over for a lot of food, fun, and friendly conversation oh and now my carpet is shimmering and smells GREAT!! LOL Thanks again for coming. Let me know if you have any bag questions.
Question for the day.....Should I sell that stuff??? I have been thinking it over. I love the stuff so much. I just wonder if I should give in to it. Hum......... not sure. Maybe if for nothing else, I can get the starter kit and be happy with that. LOL

Okay so.....Murder Mystery party. Rain or shine,
Saturday night. 7pm
Dress western style and join the fun!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is coming up???

So, I am getting back into action. For the summer, we are taking a break from Carolina Girls Club and will start back when school starts back.

We have a fun purse party planned for Tuesday June 10th. If I do not have your email then I will invite you here. It is a new company that does home sales and they have a ton of really nice stuff. If nothing else you should come to check out the stuff and the new company. My sister is doing the party and I am hosting it at my house.
WE will have fun and can count this as our no obligation girls night out. Please come check it out.

NEXT we are doing what Paul and I seem to be most known for and that is the Murder Mystery Party. I mentioned it before but wanted everyone to know it is still on. The date is SATURDAY JUNE 14th @7pm and EVERYONE is again invited. IT is a wild west theme so you can put some jeans and your cowboy hat on, and join the fun. IF you WANT a main character, let me know so I can tell you who you will be. IF you want to just check things out and help solve the crime, then let me know you are coming and you can just come as you are and join the fun. IT WILL BE FUN!!! I hope you will all come and try it out.

We also have Girls camp and Paul's Graduation coming up this month along with Father's day so we are keeping busy. I just want everyone to come out and have fun at the two events we are hosting. Hope to see you all here!!