Sunday, November 30, 2008


its my birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although birthdays now are not what they use to be for me, for some reason I have still been looking forward to today. It is Monday and I am thinking positive thoughts. It will be a good day, a good week and GREAT BIRTHDAY.
WE have already started off with Paul taking me to see Twilight. Keely is mad that she did not get to go but it was a date night and Keely will be ok. That is what I wanted for my birthday. I am a very simple person.
So, I look forward to my children behaving for me today and getting chores done without me fussing about it.
(I know wishful thinking but it is my day, lol) ♥
I guess we will see what happens from here.
Hope everyone has a great "Alona's Birthday Monday" !!

Happy Birthday
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harper-Rollins Bunch

Happy Holidays
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Saturday, November 15, 2008


With Thanksgiving almost here, I have decided to fulfill the request of so many of you.
I will be baking for YOU this year!
I have several different types of bread items. We have: ROLLS(several types), BREAD LOAVES, STRAWBERRY or Raspberry DESSERT BRAIDS, CINNAMON TWIST, CINNAMON ROLLS, BREAD BOWLS, CINNAMON RAISIN LOAF and really anything else you may need for your holiday meal.
I will continue to take orders after Thanksgiving as well.
If any of you have tasted my bread items, or have attended one of my bread classes, you know what a treat these items are. I can make them ready to serve. I can also make them to be brown and serve, so you can heat them and serve them hot from your oven on to your table.
You can purchase as single items or larger orders as little as 6 in an order or as many as 200. In other words, I am able to fill any order and help you have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and holiday. Some of these items make wonderful gifts if you are attending someones home and do not want to go empty handed. Take them a dozen Rolls or a Dessert Braid, to show your appreciation. I can assure you, they will love it and thank you.
The proceeds of these bread sales will go to help my daughter Keely go on a trip of a life time. Keely has been selected to be an USA Student Ambassador. She has the opportunity to participate in the exchange student program. She will be traveling during the summer to Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, as well as a few other places. She will attend school there and learn other cultures.
In order to take this trip she has to raise a large amount of money.
Keely is a good student. She works hard to keep her grades up. Keely is a Junior at Lugoff- Elgin High School. This will be her last year that she can take part in this People to People Ambassador Program. She is really looking forward to this trip. She has worked very hard to maintain her grades as well as to raise the money to make this trip. She is doing other jobs such as babysitting and house cleaning to help out anyone who needs these services. (If you need weekend or evening child care just give her a call). I will be making and selling these bread items in order to help her raise money for this trip.
Email me for more information as well as for menus and price lists.
If you are interested, please email me at or call me 803-408-3520 soon so I can schedule your order. I can ship orders as well but you must get these orders into me as soon as you can so I can get them to you on time.
Thanks for your help and support!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cool pic from an investigation

If you like the pics and are interested. Ask about them and I can give more info.
We are so excited that we are going on an investigation on Sat night and will have new pics to come. Or so we hope.

See the you see it.....Now you don't

This pic was taken first. Notice all of the spots.

If this were dust, rain or anything else, they would have been in the next pic as well. Dust, rain, etc would not disappear in seconds or even minutes like these spots. This is why we think they were spirit orbs.
What do you think??
You can see a face in this orb.

There was a fog that we could not explain. Did not see it with our eyes. Then it disappeared.

Look beside my head. Also around the gate. So then I walked back where I had been, I was talking to....what ever would listen. We wanted to see if "it" would follow. ....Look by my leg....Look all around me and the gate. See I can make friends.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


For any of you who like the products from 'THIRTY-ONE GIFTS' the purse company that my sister does parties for....They are having an awesome deal that if you have a party between Nov 15-23 you can get the SKIRT PURSE for $10
Yes that is right. This is a $40 purse I think and you can get it for only $10!!!
Let me know if you need to set a date with my sister.