Monday, September 29, 2008


What are you going to be for Halloween?
While talking with people about my upcoming Halloween Costume party, we have had a fun time talking about different costumes. Paul, the kids and I went to one of the Halloween stores in the area. We had a good time looking at all of the scary props and fun costumes. Just as a side note, be careful while shopping with children. Most of the adult costumes and not appropriate for children to even see the packaging. Some where just aweful. I really could not believe some of the things there. Some very cute and some very funny. Many very scary ones too.
We had a good time.
I am thinking of going with the twilight theme. I am sure it will be a popular one but it is a fun one.
So.....what is your costume going to be?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OK with Halloween coming up, this is our first note to let everyone know that we are having a Halloween Party on Oct 25th. This will be for the adults to come in costume and just have some fun. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to start looking for that costume. More details to come later.

So, I wanted to enter this fund raiser thing and help break a Guinness book record for most people doing same dance at one time. The funds were for my daycare. The dance is the Thriller Dance. Created by Micheal Jackson. Remember the Micheal Jackson that we all actually liked and was entertained by.

In doing this, you have to do exactly the same steps and such so everyone has to learn the same form of this dance. It is pretty easy but there are a lot of steps to it. I purchased a dvd which teaches the steps very slowly and precisely.
I have found that it is very difficult to pull such an event together. It is very time consuming and challenging. I just think I do not have it in me at this time. I have too many things on my plate besides this. So.....this plan has been changed. I now have to raise fund for Keely to go on a trip to England and some other places so I need to focus on this instead.

Since this is the 25th anniversary of the Thriller Dance, and I have always wanted to learn it, I am still learning the dance.
I am going to try to get anyone interested to join me and if i get 25 people who want to take part, we can still be part of the record breaking event. It will just be for fun. No money involved.
It should be a blast! Oh and the dance is an AWESOME WORKOUT!! You do not have to buy it like I did. You can get the instructions for free on the website.

Keely and I have been learning it together. Besides having a ton of fun, and laughing a lot, we are feeling the workout. So, come dance with me and we can "THRILL THE WORLD" together!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I must be living right or something....

I have always believed that when you are living right, good things will come your way. Well the Lord works in mysterious ways. I know you have all heard that before.
I just wanted to share my little good news moment. Paul and I make out all of the time so....that is not it. (LOL just had to say that)
I guess we get the good with the bad. Some of my very dear friends moved to Maryland this week. I am totally upset by this. I have watched these children for like 3 years or so. They are very well behaved children. No offense to anyone else of course. This is also a little girl who has been Alyssa's very good friend since 4k. Our families came together through these two girls. They have since been in the same class several times and Alyssa is really having a hard time with this move.
Anyway, so as they were cleaning out the house and packing up everything Latisha called to ask if I would please take the few items from their refrigerator so she did not have to trash them. There were a couple pantry items as well. Food, yes....we will be happy to. No problem. She came over on Fri to deliver the items. We chatted for a moment as she was telling me how much they had left to clean, paint and do before leaving in a few hours. She explained to me that they were able to sell most everything at the yard sale so that helped a lot. Then she said they are just going to leave the refrigerator that they had just bought because it was hard getting it in the house and they did not need to take it with them.
I said wow, I wish you had told me that over the weekend. I would have bought it from you. I have one but it is old and Paul and I were just talking about trying to get a new one in January. Then I said but that is good that you can leave it and get credit from your landlord for it for the next people to move in.
So, she goes home and in a few minutes I get a call. She says, can you come get this fridge. We are just giving it away and not getting credit for it anyway. We would much rather you have it instead of who ever will move in here. Can you get it. Of course I asked if she was sure. I did not want to mess with her plans or whatever. She said "please take it. We had not even thought to ask anyone if they needed it. If you can get it you can have it. We are moving it out to the porch now."
So, it was at the time of day that Paul had to shower and leave for work. No extra moving time. Nap time for daycare and I did not have a truck to pull my trailer to go get it. It was not looking too good.
At that very moment, I felt impressed to call Mike Chesley. I knew he had a truck. I figured maybe I could get him to bring the truck when he picked up Jared so he and DJ could go get it after work. I called, he said he would do it no problem. WOOOWHOOO I am getting excited. THEN.....Mike calls me right back. Said he is just in Elgin about a mile away. He said if the tailor could fit the hitch on the work truck that he and Derick could come now to move it!!! Even better. They came over. I got the baby to bed. Paul was getting dressed and I left him to listen out for the kids. I led the way (about a mile and a half) to get the fridge!!!
To make it even better, there were 3 men to handle the lifting and one man at the other house to help get it loaded. It was done in no time and then they were off and back to work. I felt like I was prompted to call Mike. I think that if we would have waited someone else may have got the fridge because they were going to have to leave. With everyone knowing they were moving out, and then there is a fridge left on the front porch..., I'm just saying, it could have been a free gift to a stranger passing by instead of me.
I am sooooo thankful to Mike, Derick and Tim for taking time out of their day to help me.
This fridge is awesome. Its only like two years old. It is so much bigger and nicer then mine. Best if all it is from a dear friend and it will be a constant reminder of the friends who were here. I hope that we will be able to keep in touch with them. I miss them already.
Oh and too make it better, DJ and I set the old one out front and Saturday morning a guy stopped by to ask if they could have it for their church. Done. It was out of my yard and helping someone at the same time. This was a good weekend.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Eagle Court of Honor
For DJ
Thursday, Sept 11th 2008
Camden ward building
Y'all Come!