Thursday, May 28, 2009

we are still around- GIRLS NIGHT

Miss having the GIRLS over. Having a girls night. Call me if you can make it. Or email me to my name at

Living and loving life. Taking it one day at a time.
Hope everyone is doing well.
We are doing the Gratuation thing...(DJ- Saturday May 30)

We are waiting on a potintial mission letter.

We are working hard. Finishing out the last week of school.
Finishing out the last couple weeks of full time daycare.
We are busy busy and all is good.

Pauls hand is getting better.

Kids are doing great.
Having plenty to complain about, but since it will not get me anywhere to complain, I will just not.
So looking at the many many things that I have to be thankful for.
Love to all. Keep in touch and see you on facebook.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

busy busy

Not much bloggin time these days. More into the take a min facebook posting. We are still here and all is good. Just real busy.
Paul and I both had little surguries this month and I am getting a promotion at work. We take the good and the bad and we keep on trucking. Been taking a lot of pictures lately. Just too many to sort and post here. Some are on FB. Got some photo jobs to add to my schedule. That is exciting to me. Something I truly love to do and it seems to make others so happy when I do photo shoots for them. Its awesome.
Hope all is good for all of my blogger friends and family.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do we have to wait for Mothers Day?

I am Getting ready to turn off the lights in the front room. Getting everything ready to go to bed. Then I hear one of the puppies crying. I look over into the kitchen. The puppies are in the kitchen where they have their little box. It is closed off where Mommy Molly can get in and out but the door is high so the puppies can not roll out. They are a week old now. They still do not have their eyes open yet. They are so healthy and sweet. Sometimes they climb over each other. If they loose their balance, they will roll over off of the others and lay on their backs. I just dont want them falling onto the floor where they may get stepped on as we are passing.
Well, so when I look over at them, the one that is crying is out on the floor. Molly has taken it out of the box and put her on the floor. So I watch to see what Molly is planning on doing with her. Right beside the box is a soft fuzzy doggie bed. She climbs into the bed and pushed the pillow around. It is called nesting. She was making a nest for her baby in the bed. When she seen me, she would try (unsuccessfully) to pick up the baby. Then would go back to the bed. Acting nervous like she needs to move this baby. She is not concerned with the other babies who are still in the box. She comes to me, looking worried. I am talking to her, asking what she is doing. She seems to want to answer me. So she goes back to the baby. Molly is whinning as she tried to pick up the baby again and just can not get her in her mouth. She she looks back at the bed then looks back at me.
I then go to Molly. Talking to her and letting her know I will help her. I pick up the baby. Molly then goes back into the box. SO, I open the box up to do a puppy count. Making sure she had not taken any others out that I did not see. When I did this Molly laid down beside me to feed her babies and watched close as I handled them. When I took the one she had been moving and placed it close to her so it could nurse, Molly laid her head on my knee and relaxed.
Without her being able to talk to me, I am assuming that she was trying to take this puppy which seems to be the runt to a different place to nurse her alone. AS I obsurved, this puppy is not agressive and the other puppies would come in and push her out of the way. This causing her to be the runt. I helped her keep the other puppies out of the way so she got a tummy full.
I was watching in wonder. Molly loves her babies. It is really interesting to see how she cares for them. I feel as a mother myself that I totally know what she is thinking and wanting for her babies. It was a very special moment that made me think of mothers in general.
I thought alot about my mom. I love my mom so much. All the trials that she went though. How her strong will and determination kept our family together and happy and healthy. She was indeed my best example. To know that even if things do not always go right, you can never give up. Take care of your family and the rewards and blessings will come.
Then I think of her mom, my Granny who had her 93rd birthday on the 12th.
Happy Birthday Granny!!
I also think of Paul's mom. She is so sweet. She is a great example to me and to Paul. I wish she were closer so we could spend more time with her.
I know many wonderful mothers. Even some of my sister-in-laws helped mother me in my teen years. I am such a lucky person to have those teachers and examples and people who love me.
To all the mom's out there...You are loved, even if sometimes you do not see it or feel it. We are thankful for you. Never give up, we would not be who we are today and because we can not make it without you. Thanks for all that you do.